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Le'rue Delashay, "The Law of 8ve" Le'rue Delashay
The Law of 8ve
Root of All Evil
Not often does one come across an entity as captivating as Le'rue Delashay. While not totally unfamiliar with this one-man project from the member of Theatre of the Macabre and Lorde of all Desires, The Law of 8ve is my first aural introduction to this dark neo-classical entity. Thus, while I am unable to compare this latest output to his...
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Le'rue Delashay, "Musick in Theory and Practice" Le'rue Delashay
Musick in Theory and Practice
Root of All Evil
The second opus from this court composer presents over twenty-three minutes of dark, ritualistic neo-classical music designed to haunt one's feeble mind or to exercise one's demonic powers. Those who were first introduced to Le' rue's newest creation, The Law of 8ve, may find Musick in Theory and Practice to be a more experimental and may even call it ?raw.'...
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