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Apiary, "Lost in Focus" Apiary
Lost in Focus
Ironclad Recordings
Toughguy metalcore with a Dillinger influence. Syncopated double bass/rhythm guitar is inflected with periodic skronks and whines from guitar number two. Tempos stick mostly to a mosh/dance-friendly cadence. Vocals sound like the guy from Neurosis. You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times. These guys have it down pat, and the recording's nice, it's just not interesting anymore....
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The Destro, "As The Coil Unwinds" The Destro
As The Coil Unwinds
Ironclad Recordings
I’m a sucker for the new wave of American heavy music. I think that’s sort of how Phil Anselmo referred to it. Anyway, bands like Lamb of God and Throwdown do what it takes to fill the gaping void in the scene that opened up when Pantera split up, and for as sold-out or trite as it sounds,...
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