Reviews : Videos: Godflesh, "In All Languages"

Godflesh, "In All Languages"

Here I am taking my first crack at the world of DVD reviewing, although it's basicaly the same as reviewing a CD, except you need to keep the eyes involved too, otherwise you're no bloody good at all, now are you? This is a very short DVD, clocking in at just under 25 minutes. It contains only the four promotional videos Godflesh did during their career, as well as a fifth video with a very interesting story behind it. The packaging also helps, as it includes a booklet to give some background on each video and partially explain what the hell each video is about. You need it, trust me on this. As you can tell by listening to their music there was always a bizarre subtlety to Godflesh, even when they were issuing the audio equivalent of a gang beating with a tire iron. This is no more apparent than on the video to the song "Crush My Soul." I'd tell you what's going on in this video, but I honestly don't have a clue. Justin Broadrick himself admitted to Raffi Ouzouzian, the author of the booklet, that he isn't sure what the opening cockfighting [roosters, get your mind out of the gutter] sequence is about. However, it is worth it just to watch the vehemently vegan Broadrick get doused in cow's blood. What can I say, I like blood. The videos to "Mothra" and "Slavestate" both require the same two things in order to achieve full enjoyment of them. A massive love of Godflesh, and an even more massive amount of LSD. These are hallucinations made flesh for me, especially the psychadelic "Slavestate." They are good videos, they just aren't for the non-tripping among us. The fourth video is the song "Christbait Rising," which is mianly just live fottage of the band, and very grainly footage at that. The song is also clipped a bit, as the fadeout at the end indicates, so it really is not all that interesting. The final video, "Avalanche Master Song," has an interesting story behind it. It invovles three Head of David fans who decided to follow the new project of HOD's ex-drummer Justin Broadrick. They actually put together this video of random images and horrible quality live footage on their own and sent it in to the band, and it has a very surreal Godflesh feel to it. To me this is rather amazing that three fans had such a great feel for how the band's videos should look, even before the band did. This was done in 1989, before the band ever put together the video for "Christbait Rising," their first.

Overall, I would have to say that this is essential for the Godflesh completist, although I would suggest this to anyone wishing to sample the band. Due to it's length, it is also on the cheap side too, which never hurts.