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Dark Funeral, "Attera Orbis Terrarum "
Dark Funeral
Attera Orbis Terrarum
Dark Funeral, "Attera Orbis Terrarum "

Wow, two whole discs of Dark Funeral to go through here, this is going to be a long one folks.

The first disc has two sets, one from Holland on the Attera Totus Sanctus tour and a set from Poland that preceded that album.

The Holland set looks really good, especially since this is the tour where they debuted their new battle armor that they wear on stage. I find it a little cheesy but even I admit it looks pretty cool. The set list is pretty diverse with 13 songs, though the last two albums get the lion's share of the time. I don't mind that since those are my favorite albums, Diabolis Interium being the high point. The backdrop is the cover of Attera Totus Sanctus. They look great on film and the sound is top notch, though there were some brief drum problems, but those were quickly fixed. The only problem I have is that the set is over an hour long. Dark Funeral aren't diverse enough musically to remain interesting for more than 40 minutes. When for the most part it's all blastbeats and shrieks the sound can get old quickly. I do admit they are more fun in person than on DVD, but this gets a little stale.

The Poland set is shorter and only features material up to Diabolis Interium. That's probably why this is my favorite set on this compilation, as the set is mostly from that album, including Goddess of Sodomy which is a nice change of pace. However on this they don't wear the armor which wouldn't bug me so much except this is a band that needs to cover up. I'm from the Drew Carey school, if like me you don't have a good body, cover it the fuck up. It was also new to me to see a show from Poland without the lighted stage from all the Metal Mind DVD's. This first disc probably would have been a good choice for volume one by itself.

The second disc features a set from France, a series of old live videos from the early days and the video for Atrum Regina.

The set from France is a waste because it is the EXACT SAME set from Holland. You do not need two sets with the same set list, in fact the same tour on one DVD. So just see my description of the Holland set for this one, since it's exactly the same.

The video for Atrum Regina is more footage of them playing live and nothing more, you get kind of tired of looking at them after awhile to be honest.

The extras footage which is taken from 1994-97 is probably the best part of the DVD, even though all of the songs are from their weakest albums. I just liked how we get to see them evolve into what they are now. I wish I could have seen them in the early days because the shows looked a lot crazier, especially with the love of candles, fake blood, spikes and inverted crosses. They were actually a little more theatrical back then to my eyes, though they still cared mostly for blasting your head off. It all appears to have been filmed by fans to the quality varies quite a bit, some of it is quite good and some of it is almost unwatchable. Naturally the sound varies quite a bit too. They even throw in some covers in here, one from Von and one from Bathory. You also see that Emperor Magus Caligula really had trouble handling the bass and vocals at the same time, which is why he no longer does both at once.

Overall I respect the effort they put into this but their material is too redundant to hold the interest of anyone but their most diehard fans. I also think two sets from the same tour was just plain stupid. It might have helped to simply cut one of them out in order to avoid taxing the attention span of the fan that is going to try and watch the whole thing at once. Still I have to give it a thumbs up for all the old footage and the Poland show.