Reviews : Videos: Vader, "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw"

Vader, "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw"
And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw
Vader, "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw"

Vader playing live in their home country, Poland, should be an incredible, inspired event in which the crowd and the band look enthused beyond belief. There should be massive mosh pits, insane guitar heroics, pyrotechnics and enthusiasm unlike anything I’ve witnessed at a stateside Vader show. Either the seven cameras zooming around capturing the footage were missing the mark, or Warsaw’s show wasn’t that special. Vader’s stage presence wasn’t exactly spectacular, though they did nail every track (they’re fucking machines!!!), and the crowd seemed docile, and often almost scared, more than pumped about their biggest metal export playing for an hour and fourty five minutes in front of them. Moreover, with all the lighting on stage, much of the footage looked washed out and dull. Sure there were a few shots of decent pits and close ups of the shredding solos, but there were no crowd surfers, no fights, no stage diving…none of the hijinks that make a DVD of a particular show worth more than going to one when the band rolls through your town.

On the upside, Vader’s set was full of great songs, including “Wings,” “Sothis,” “Blood of Kingu” (one of my personal faves) as well as a number of newer ones, the best of which was easily “What Color is Your Blood.” Closing the set, Vader chose to bust out a cover of Kat’s “Wyrocznia” and bring Orion of Vesania/Behemoth fame in to do the vox. It was pretty cool, but I was honestly surprised that they didn’t play either of their patented covers of Slayer or Black Sabbath…not that this new cover was at all unworthy, it was just a bit of a shock.

In addition to the 20 songs recorded live, the DVD has two interesting music videos as bonus material. “Sword of the Witcher” a song made for the upcoming video game, The Witcher, was as awesome aurally as visually, and was definitely one of the highlights of this release. Vader’s visual presentation of “Helleluyah!!! (God is Dead) was decent too, but nothing compared to the first video. Both are nice additions to the live show, but certainly not enough to justify purchase of this release. Overall, diehard collectors may wish to grab And Blood was Shed in Warsaw, but for the average Vader fan, this DVD will be nothing you haven’t seen or heard before.

Standout Tracks

   Blood of Kingu
   What Color is Your Blood
   Wyrocznia (feat. Orion/Kat cover)
   Sword of the Witcher (video)

Peter Johnston